330mm x 330mm Borosilicate Glass Plate for Tronxy x5s 3D Printer

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330mm x 330mm Borosilicate Glass Plate for Tronxy x5s 3D Printer

Glass is a universal print surface for 3D Printing. Almost all types of filament will print to glass in one way or another. Just place the glass on your print board and clip it in place! To print with ABS or PLA, lightly spray the surface of the glass with AquaNetTM hairspray, then install the glass. For Nylon, we've found a light coating of UHU Glue stick seems to do the trick! If you don't yet have a glass surface, you'll want this one! This glass has been specially ordered and modified for use in 3D Printers. This type of glass is not available at your local hardware store or big box home center. Size: 330mm x 330mm x 3mm, good fits Tronxy x5s and 3D printer with 330mm x 330mm printbed

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    Best Glass

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 7th 2018

    I was having issues with my printer and I thought it was this glass and I was so mad/sad but then I found out it was the printer. I took the glass and had it on three points with a DTI and as I slid the glass, slowly, along the plane the DTI did not budge and only once did I see it move .01mm but I suspect that was me. Perfectly flat or as perfectly flat as could be for the money.

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    Title of review 3758

    Posted by doubleohasian on Apr 6th 2018

    I used the print-bed that came with the X5S. It worked well for a while. Then, it seemed I couldn't get my bed level at all. Turns out the bed warped. A quick google led me here to get a glass bed. It is, honestly, amazing. I didn't even use any hair spray or anything and my prints are coming out perfect. Just as a precaution I still have some aquanet on the way, but I doubt I'll be needing it.

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    Title of review 2730

    Posted by antisubae on Apr 6th 2018

    I haven't gone as far as putting a dial indicator on it, but it's about as flat as flat can be just based on use so far. Other folks can keep their mirrors, or their window glass, or any of those fancy custom build surfaces...I have boro plates on all of my printers because they have never given me an ounce of trouble, and this one is no exception. Well worth the price, and assuming you don't drop it, it will easily outlive both the printer and you.

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    Title of review 2729

    Posted by antisubae on Apr 6th 2018

    This is a perfect fit for the X5S, and although I haven't gone so far as to put a dial indicator on it, it appears to be about as flat as a piece of glass can be. Other folks can keep their mirrors, or regular float glass, or fancy build surfaces or whatever...I have boro plates on all of my printers and never, ever, *ever* have trouble with them This one is no exception and is worth every penny.

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