PORO-LAY LAY-FELT Porous 3D Printing Filament - 1.75 mm

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PORO-LAY LAY-FELT Porous 3D Printing Filament - 1.75 mm

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0.25KG of 1.75mm LAYFELT filament. LAY-FELT is an exciting and new innovation from the creator of LAYBRICK and LAYWOO-D3. We are proud to offer the newest experimental filament from inventor Kai Parthy. We are the only U.S. authorized reseller of this experimental new filament! LAY-FELT is best characterized as a felt like filament that is highly porous. This material is made from a rubber-elastomeric polymer and a PVA-component. That means that part of this filament is water soluble. Once you rinse this material in water, the PVA component disappears and the rubber polymer remains as your micro-porous object. LAY-FELT is ideal for making filters, 3D membranes, semipermeable membranes, and any flexible yet felty object. LAY-FELT comes in a .25kg package. After finishing your print you will notice that the material is strong and rigid. However, rinse the print with water then your object becomes micro-porous & elastic. This is ideal for printing soft and flexible rubber like objects. To get full flexibility from your print you should leave the printed object sitting in tap water for 1-4 days. More information:

  • 0.25kg / 0.55 lb of 1.75mm LAYFELT filament
  • Coiled and sealed in transparent stand up plastic bag
  • to print stabil fibrous objects, f.e. water treatment membranes, in eletro-cells
  • bendable felty fabrics
  • Made in Germany


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