How to 3D print fabric like lamp shade

How to 3D print fabric like lamp shade

Posted by GO-3D PRINT on May 7th 2018

This is an example the way to print fabric like texture. It looks good and really like fabric and the most important point is this is printed by single extruder/nozzle with 4 different colors filaments. We print it using original Big Builder with 0.8mm nozzle in 1 shell only and the lamp shade very strong that's much better than use 0.4mm with 2 shells. This also save half time comparing using 0.4mm nozzle. The secret of the color change is using PALETTE+ from Mosaic Manufacturing that help you to build your own colorful "rainbow" filament adding whatever color you like. Though it's only can insert 4 types of filaments in the same time but you can change filament anytime and add new colors. Chroma, the free program by Mosaic Manufacturing, that help you to set the ratio of the filaments you want to mix or random by the computer as well as the Gradient function. The design also help you to keep your printer running without stopping and automatic to switch to the different spool of filament, that really help us to finish each spool and go to the new spool.

PALETTE+ from Mosaic Manufacturing

Zuzanna Lamp model

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