CHCB-OT Hotend Kit for Sprite Extruder Creality CR-M4 3D printer

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CHCB-OT Hotend Kit for Sprite Extruder Creality CR-M4 3D printer

Kit includes:

Enhanced Print Quality:
The CHCB-OT hotend component is designed to improve the print quality of your Sprite Extruder or Creality CR-M4 3D printer. Its higher flow rate and superior material construction ensure smoother filament extrusion, resulting in more precise and detailed prints.

Improved Durability:
Constructed from premium materials, this hotend component offers increased durability compared to the original hot end. It can withstand high temperatures and prolonged use without compromising its performance, providing a reliable long-term printing solution.

Easy Replacement:
With a direct replacement design, the CHCB-OT hotend component makes it easy to upgrade your printer without any complex modifications. Simply swap out the original hot end with this upgraded component to enjoy enhanced functionality and performance.

Versatile Compatibility:
Compatible with both the Sprite Extruder and Creality CR-M4 3D printers, this hotend component offers versatility for users who own multiple machines or are looking for a flexible upgrade option. You can experience improved printing capabilities across different platforms with this single component.

Enhanced Heat Dissipation:
The CHCB-OT hotend features advanced heat dissipation technology, preventing heat accumulation that can lead to clogs or inconsistent extrusion. This results in more reliable and consistent printing performance, especially during long print jobs or when using high-temperature filaments.


Product Description:

The CHCB-OT hotend component can directly replace the original hot end on the Sprite Extruder or Creality Creality CR-M4 3D printer. It is made of better material, has a higher flow rate, and features an easier maintenance design. This brings you a completely new 3D print heating experience.

1. Planar contact heating elements have a more certain contact than ceramic heating ring contacts.

2. Compared to the original OT hotend, heating elements and thermistors are easy to maintain and replace.

3. Separate design of fixed flange and heating core. The flange is made of a material with low thermal conductivity to reduce the working temperature of the heat sink fixed with it by screws.

4. Compatible with various MK8 series nozzles that are readily available.

5. Drop-in replacement for the hotend of the Sprite Extruder or Creality Creality CR-M4 3D printer.

6. Can be directly installed on Creality Extruder to increase flow rate by 50%.



Sprite Extruder or Creality Creality CR-M4 3D printer

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