GROWLAY Bio-degradable Porous 3D Printing Filament 1.75 mm

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White Only
GROWLAY Bio-degradable Porous  3D Printing Filament 1.75 mm

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0.25kg of 1.75mm Growlay fialment, coiled and ready-to-use for 3D Printing.

  • After printing, rinse your object for 2-3 days in water. Now put seeds or whatever you want to grow on it.
  • Dry it object with a cold air fan, not in oven.
  • Put seeds or whatever you want to grow on it and moisten it or not.
  • Print with low filling (max. 35%) and 2-3 perimeters for fast rinsing.

GROWLAY is available in the functionally different versions white and brown

• Version white is an experimental filament & fully compostable

• The brown version contains not only pores but also built-in "food" in the form of cell material which is needed for growth.

GROWLAY-white pure porous

  • compostable polymer
  • with open capillaries
  • white filament
  • experimental filament for experienced users
  • print at 85°-135°C

GROWLAY-brown porous + woodparticles

  • not compostable
  • with open capillaries + polymer contains organic nutrients (woodparticles)
  • higher tensile strenght
  • more rigid as version – white
  • increased temperature stability
  • the filament can be printed just as easily as Laywood
  • brown filament
  • for any user
  • print at 235°-250°C

Print 3D objects and let biological cultures grow on it

1. grass; moss

2. fungus ; mildew

3. lichen

4. mycelium

5. pharma-cultures, mother cells

GROWLAY works like a breeding ground. Add seeds or spores to them and they will grow.


Parthy’s latest creation, GROWLAY filament can be used for indoor farming. Layers of GROWLAY can produce organic structures like small hills and landscapes. Add some water, seeds, or spores of any kind of plant and they will grow on the filament. The key point here with GROWLAY is the micro-capillary nature of the layered thermoplastic material. Its cavities absorb and store water, and dissolved liquid nutrients or fertilizer. It is an absorptive carrier for agents, providing a stable structure for grass seeds or moss to hold on to.

Some people will want to use it to cultivate the mycelium of mushrooms, some others might want to enhance the landscape of their model with real vegetation. You can also grow precious mold cheese in the complex layers of Growlay’s organic-like micro-tunnels. Parthy has even experimented with lichen—which normally only likes to settle on scarious concrete or roof tiles.

There is plenty of room for experimentation here, but do not forget to regularly water your new ecosystem! Kai’s new invention will naturally store the precious H²O in tiny pores, and provide a safe reservoir for it, even if the water contains added nutrients or fertilizers.

With the introduction of Growlay it should be clear now that a universally applicable fertile soil with the properties of humic earth is now available as a printable filament. Its flexible matrix is always ready to be used by gardeners or researchers alike, wherever and whenever something has to be grown. Clients can grow exotic landscapes or parks with individual designs and throw seeds on it. Now 3D-printed sculptures are indeed the latest shizzle!

  • 0.25kg / 0.55 lb of GROWLAY filament.
  • GROWLAY is microcapillary. Its cavities absorb and store water, dissolved liquid nutrients or fertilizer. Promoted because of the capillary action throughout the printed object.
  • Mold grows through the open-cell capillaries and forms a mycelium.
  • Seeds of grasses can get caught and grow in Growlay.
  • Spores find room to germinate in small cavities. (see SEM-Pics)
  • Roots cling to the structures of the object filling.
  • Even lichens grow on Growlay. These usually grow preferentially on stones of walls or trees.
  • GROWLAY can be sterilized (for food use and research) with gases or wet (but not thermally).
  • For color differentiation, objects printed with Growlay can be subsequently colored with food colors.
  • GROWLAY is an absorptive carrier for agents

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