Halloween Pumpkin Spider Transformer

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Halloween Pumpkin Spider Transformer

Seeing as it's almost Halloween, I thought it'd be as good time to do my take on a pumpkin... or a spider... aw heck, why not both?

For this print, I used ReelToReal's white ABS filament- It's a great quality material, at a very competitive price, which is why I've stuck with them ever since I first started printing!

Once the print's finished, put some superglue on the base of the ball joint in the middle of the chest, to reinforce it. assemble by pushing the leg ball joints into the chest sockets. Depending on the printer, the tightness of assembly may vary, but due to the cyclic shape of the chest there shouldn't be any serious breakage. Once those are in, click the other end into the pumpkin slices, and you've got the legs! They should all be the same around the pumpkin, to get it to have the abdomen fold 2 legs around backwards. The head is connected to the body with 2 the neck joints, move the head to the front for spider mode. For pumpkin mode, move it upwards, then move it down so it fits snugly in the middle. For the print in the image, I made it in white ABS plastic, then smoothed it with acetone, and airbrushed the individual pieces.
Halloween Pumpkin Spider Transformer byMegawillbotis licensed under theCreative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alikelicense.

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