3D-printed Watch with Tourbillon

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3D-printed Watch with Tourbillon

This is a mechanical watch with tourbillon and going barrel. The watch has a Swiss lever escapement, embedded in a tourbillon. It is driven by a 3d-printed spring, and runs 35 Minutes. Using a wire retraction spring made from steel would certainly result in longer run-time. The project demonstrates that the 3D-printing technology is developing. Compared with earlier generations of 3d-printers, the process works more reliable and more accurately. The watch is designed with Autodesk Fusion 360, and printed with Ultimaker 2.


Hairspring, Anchor, Escapement Wheel, and some gears were printed with high resolution. All other parts are printed with normal resolution. The infill of the anchor is 80% in order to have a better balanced center of gravity (rest has 30% infill). For the case I used PETG (slightly bendable, shock absorbing), and the gears are printed with PLA (harder and less friction). Printing on heated glass-bed. Used a mix of alcohol and water to clean it. Adhesion is exceptional. For removing the parts from the build plate I poured a few drops of the same alcohol mix into the groove between plastique and glass. The effect is miraculous and the part can be removed immediately without applying any force. Make sure x- and y-axis of your printer are adjusted really square! My Ultimaker wasn't fabricated good enough (1-2mm slant) - the result were oval Minutes and Hours wheel, and they jammed at some angles. Part List:

  • 1 Pin, Diameter 1.5 mm, Length 55.5 mm (tourbillon axis)
  • 1 Pin, Diameter 1.5 mm, Length 12 mm (anchor axis)
  • 1 Pin, Diameter 1.5 mm, Length 8.5 mm (planet gear axis)
  • 3 Pins, Diameter 2 mm, Length 57 mm (axis for pinions for minutes and hours wheel)
  • 6 Pins, Diameter 2 mm, Length 22 mm (axis for basic transmission)
  • 1 Pin, Diameter 2 mm, Length 15 mm (attachment main spring)
  • 1 Pin, Diameter 3 mm, Length 22.5 mm (axis for main spring)
  • 1 Pin, Diameter 3 mm, Length 31 mm (axis for main pinion)
  • 3 Washers, Diameter 3 mm (main spring, pinion)
  • 6 Washers, Diameter 2 mm (transmission)
  • 5 Washers, Diameter 1.5 mm (tourbillon, escapement)
  • 5 Screws, Diameter 1.8 mm, Length 6.5 mm (ratchet pawls)
  • 5 Screws, Diameter 1.5 mm, Length 5 mm (going barrel)
  • 4 Screws, Diameter 1.5 mm, Length 10 mm (base plate)
  • 4 Screws, Diameter 1.8 mm, Length 12 mm (clock face)
  • 3 Screws, Diameter 1.5 mm, Length 10 mm (tourbillon cage)

Small holes are usually not very accurately printed. Use a drill to smooth the inner surface - especially the Balance Wheel needs to rotate with very little friction, and very little play. If you don't find pins or screws with the recommended diameter, you can certainly use little larger pieces - there is some "meet" which can be drilled out. 3D-printed Watch with Tourbillon by TheGoofy is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license. Watch this video, if you like to understand, how the watch is constructed.  

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