6"x8" Cell / PerfBoard for 3D Printing / Printer

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6"x8" Cell / PerfBoard for 3D Printing / Printer

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Our Cell/Perf Board provides for a stable and reliable build platform for the most of 3D Printers. Both PLA and ABS material can adheres nicely to this product.

  • Replacement print surface for most of the 3d printers
  • Print on this surface using ABS or PLA filament
  • Makes for easy removal of the 3D print
  • Durable surface can be cleaned and reused repeatedly
  • Dimensions: 6"x8"x1/16" (or cut in your own size for your printer)
To clean your perfboard just use the scrapper and scrape both sides smooth. You dont need to clean the plastic in the holes. If you find printed parts are not sticking, wipe the perfboard with Acetone.

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