Builder 3D Printer Premium Large - Red

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Builder 3D Printer Premium Large - Red

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Builder Premium Large

With a maximum build height of 600 mm, the Premium Large is the biggest version of the Builder Premium. It’0Is the ideal 3D printer for big objects prototypes and art. The impressive build height won’0It limit your creativity. The 4.3 inch full color touch screen, with integrated Wi-Fi, is located on top of the Builder for easy access. The touch screen makes it really easy to control the Builder and heated bed. Printing while you are not at home/the office? Use the on-board camera to check the print and control the Builder with your mobile device.

Fully Closed

Did you know the Builder Premium is twice as silent as the Original Builder? The Perspex fully closes the Builder which eliminates the noise and furthermore makes printing around kids safer. Another advantage of the Perspex housing is a stable temperature inside the Builder while printing, so less warping and better adhesion.


The Builder Premium has an integrated 4.3 full color touch screen which has been placed on top of the Builder for easy access. With the touch screen you can navigate through the menu to control the nozzle temperature, start your print, insert filament and many more. With the integrated WiFi you can connect your mobile device to your Builder and regulate your Builder from wherever you want.


Accurate printing, no leaking from a second nozzle and able to mix colors are the most important advantages of Builders unique Dual-Feed Extruder. The Dual-Feed is able to print 2 colors/materials through 1 nozzle. Printing PLA with PVA as support through 1 nozzle is not a problem, it even creates a better adhesion between those 2 materials.

Color Mixing

Due to the fact that the Dual-Feed has only 1 nozzle its able to create a color mixed object. With a little help from Builders color mixing software you can print the most outrages color mixed objects. How it works? The color mixing software changes the extruder ratio from both extruders while printing. The print starts with 100% yellow but ends in 100% pink which creates a nice color hybrid (orange) in your object.

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