Halo 4 Helmet Child Size C

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Halo 4 Helmet Child Size C

This will fit a 4-8 year old. I thought I should complete this as it was the original intent. Where practical parts have been combined to fit on a replicator 2 print bed. STL with multiple parts have also been added to aid in quick printing. None of these parts are compatible with the Adult Size A, all mods for Child Size C will be kept in this model, to prevent confusion. Photos will be added in due course, print and assembly is well under way. All parts are correctly oriented in the STL files for printing at medium resolution .2mm, 2 shells, 10% infill. With raft and support. Do not reorient, trust the "down" face. Do not allow Makerware to auto scale ( where was that thought a good idea to have an option that changes the model, that looks exactly the same as the option to move the model to the bed :-/ ) You can print as many parts as you can fit on your build plate at one time, without warping. I will update this instance with pictures as I clean up and assemble. 9V battery mount is built into peak. tie wrap mounts are built into the walls throughout to run to led mounts. Print insert and visor parts in most transparent material you have, All magnets are placed directly in the parts, without the cups, so you only need the magnets themselves. Magnets used are 3/8 x 1/10 99K32.03 - 19 off,42363,42348 Tension pins throughout model for assembly are 1/8" x 5/8", which are shorter than the original. 240-008 - 46 off, just buy a box of 100. A single 9V battery mount is built into the peak, as well as wire guide warts at useful places internally. Note that the M4 hex head bolts in this version are with 6mm shafts. Will add parts count and details in due course. Halo 4 Helmet Child Size C by big_red_frog is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license.

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