Light Cherry Wood LAYWOO-D3 FLEX 3D Printing Filament

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Light Cherry Wood LAYWOO-D3 FLEX 3D Printing Filament

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0.25kg of 1.75mm LAYWOO-D3 FLEX wood filament, coiled and ready-to-use for 3D Printing. A new edition of the LAYWOOD filament to give us even more 3D printing potential. It’0Is called LAYWOOD-FLEX, and where the original wood filament sought to emulate a typical two-by-four, the FLEX version is essentially recreating the quality of tree branches out in nature. It results, in short, in slightly bendable versions of the wooden filament.  You can see the FLEX filament in the clip above. In a nutshell, LAYWOOD has a higher tensile strength, but will break under enough pressure. LAYWOOD-FLEX, meanwhile, has a lower tensile strength, but has a far higher degree of elasticity. Perfect for 3D printing belts, imitations of wooden decorations or even small pieces of furniture (and whatever else your making mind comes up with). Interested? The filament’0Is full specifications are:

  • No (or minimal) warping
  • Rough or smooth surfaces that can be sanded
  • 3D printable tree-rings (185 to 255°C) are possible, depending on temperature and printing speeds. Elasticity will be higher on darker layers.
  • Sticks well to ABS-paint on cold platforms or blue tape.
  • Print directly on capton-tape with a 50°C platform .
  • Contains ~ 35 % recycled wood, as well as harmless binders made by co-polyesters.
  • Nozzle: 0.5 mm.
  • 2.85 / 1.75 mm filament.

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