Swiss Army Style SD Holder (Expandable)(Raspberry Adapters)

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Swiss Army Style SD Holder (Expandable)(Raspberry Adapters)

UPDATE: Added versions with holes and 6X Micro SD holder on request UPDATE: Added card reader insert, however card reader needs a slight trim - see pictures. (Lots more planned not just card holders) Swiss army style SD card holder/wallet/organizer thingy. EXPANDABLE! Print as many inserts as you like, and any combination of sides. Not really sure how to name this thing, but it's a solution to a problem I have for working with raspberry pi base security cameras in the field. You will need: 2X 3mm screws 2X 3mm nuts Length varies according to combination. Note: Tolerances are tight - you will need a well calibrated printer.

*Included are the following parts: (You will need to print two of any side, or combination thereof) *Outer side 1: a blank side, that forms the outer "handle" *Outer side 1 with text: A customised "handle" with "dranoweb" embossed in, to remind you who made it (optional) *Outer side 2: A blank side with keychain attachment (optional) *2XSD: An insert designed for two Standard SD cards *2XMSDuo: an insert designed for 2 Sony Memory Stick Duo cards (I hate these things) *8XMicroSD: an insert designed for 8 Micro SD cards *Card Reader: an insert to fid a slightly modified multi-card reader I found at my local $2 shop for $3 (rip-off). Note that you will need to trim the lanyard ring off as per photos. *1XSD-2XMicroSD-1XRaspiAdaptor: an insert designed to take 1 standard SD card, 2 Micro SD cards and 1 low profile Micro SD to SD Adaptor for use with Raspberry PI B Type boards. Swiss Army Style SD Holder (Expandable)(Raspberry adaptors) by Dranoweb is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license.

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