Taulman Nylon 645 Filament - 1.75mm

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Taulman Nylon 645 Filament - 1.75mm

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1lb of 1.75mm Taulman nylon 645 filament.

The main features of Nylon 645 The #1 high strength 3D Printing material of Choice used by 100's of Industrial customers worldwide. 645 was a result of the feedback from the industrial community that had started using nylon 618 as 618 was released about 6 months earlier. The industrial community made requests for a higher strength nylon, as well as a polymer that was easier to evaluate in the final part/print. taulman3D worked with the community to develop nylon 645. Nylon 645 is a nylon 6/9, or a variant of nylon 6 and nylon 6T with a crystallinity optimization process. This provides a high degree of transparency. The transparency allows the industrial quality control groups to evaluate printed parts without destructive evaluation. Quality inspectors can easily look through the perimeters and make a determination as to the adhesion of inner fills. Today, Nylon 645 is the established industry standard for high strength, high durability 3D Printing. Over 60 corporations and manufacturing companies use Nylon 645 for their most demanding designs and needs. 645 is a 65% transparent white color. It has a higher strength than 618 and is about 20% less pliable. 645 will dye with acid based dyes. Even though the polymer is less pliable, it maintains the slippery surface feature of nylons. Also as a nylon 6T variant, clumping is almost non-existent. 645 is a preferred polymer when parts to be printed will be subject to high stresses. As an extremely durable polymer, it handles stress at elevated temperatures. Depending on use, as high as 160C. 645 has the same chemical resistance as 618, but has 20% more resistance to chlorines. Technical Spec. Type = 645 Nylon Co-Polymer consists of the purest form of a delta transition of Nylon 6/9, Nylon 6 and Nylon 6T. Construction = From granule form through nylon extruding systems to a 12 station extrusion to draw, 4 chiller loops with 2 post processing stations to a final draw of 3mm or 1.75mm round line. Water Absorption - 3.09 % - ISO METHOD 62 Tensile Strength, Yield - 12,428 psi - ISO METHOD 527 Elongation at Break >= 300 % - ISO METHOD 527 Melting Point - 214 °C - ISO METHOD 3146C Glass Transition Temp - 68.2°C. Print Temperature - 235 - 260 °C - Part and printer dependent. Pyrolysis - 350 - 360 °C UV - There are no UV Inhibitors within 645 as they reduce bonding Safety - 645 meets the EU's "REACH" requirements as defined by the ECHA European Chemicals Agency. There are NO additives or chemicals in 645 that are listed in the REACH Directive. 645 Contains NO toxic chemicals and is "inert" to the body. As with all 3D Printing using heated polymers, caution should be used so as NOT to come into contact with the molten 645 (214C+) as it will adhere to ALL cellulose surfaces, including skin.      

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