The Scissor Snake Family

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The Scissor Snake Family
The Scissor Snake Family The "Scissor Snake" is a fun 3D printed toy. It is easy to print without support and comes off the build plate assembled ready to use. Its motion is incredibly smooth, resulting in a very precise, fast, durable and fun remote grabber. This design uses a support free crossover bearing engineered for the project. The cross-over bearing interlocks with the frame when fully extended under load, causing the frame to become rigid. This results in a strong and durable toy cable of lifting many times its own weight. Kid tested. Guaranteed to provide many hours of fun for kids of all ages. Other members of the Scissor Snake Family
  • Mini - Use as a test print to calibrate your cross over bearing for no fusing and tight motion
  • Scissor - The Classic scissor snake, easy to print and a good size for kids
  • Super - Once you have it dialed in, this one can be a lot of fun; it little more challenging to print
  • Magnum a.k.a. the Trouser Snake - The longest scissor snake in the family
  • Curvy (Experimental, needs tweaking) - Forms an "S" curve when extended
  • Corner (Experimental, needs tweaking) - Forms a curve when extended, to snake around a corner
The Scissor Snake Family by ricswika is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial license.

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