Proto-Pasta Metallic HTPLA -Artobot "Electric Lemonade" 3D Printing Filament 1.75mm (500 g)

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Proto-Pasta Metallic HTPLA -Artobot "Electric Lemonade" 3D Printing Filament 1.75mm (500 g)
  • All material is sealed with desiccant in a plastic bag
  • Usable on all PLA-compatible printers, such as Makerbot, Ultimaker, Printrbot, Lulzbot, and more!
  • Prints with standard PLA settings - no heated bed or fancy hardware required
  • No abrasive fillers so expect normal wear with standard nozzles
  • Automotive-inspired metallic finish for layer-hiding texture without finishing.
  • High performance HTPLA with stability up to 160C (320F) after heat-treating.
  • Adaptable to most PLA-compatible 3D printers accepting 3rd party materials.
  • Crafted in the USA with consideration for man, machine & the environment.

500 G of 1.75mm Proto-Pasta Artobot "Electric Lemonade" Metallic Yellow HTPLA Filament.

More about this color:

"Electric Lemonade" is a custom color designed by Steve Abrams (@Artobot on Instagram & Twitter) in collaboration with Proto-pasta at our 2nd Filament Workshop. Scroll to the bottom workshop page to enjoy the video and reviews. Below, check out Steve's workshop spools and a beautiful Electric Lemonade print. For more of Steve's work, you can also visit his etsy store.

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