Prusa Face Shield - US version (COVID-19)

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Prusa Face Shield - US version (COVID-19)

A prototype face shield that we developed. This is a version for the US based on the community feedback, the design was adjusted to fit:

  • American size sheet (11x8,5 inches)
  • American triple hole punch (distance 4 1/4", hole radius 1/4")

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Update - we've added Groups to PrusaPrinters
Learn how to coordinate on (not only) the protective face shields printing in our article
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Version RC3 changelog
Initial release - based on the RC3 EU (European version)

If you want to manufacture shields for others

  • Act as if you were infected by the COVID-19 virus. Wear a face mask and a fresh pair of gloves when collecting each batch of printed parts. Store the parts immediately in a sealable bag.
  • Talk with whoever you’re making the shields for, let them know about your manufacturing environment
  • There is still debate about how long the virus survives on plastic, but most sources mention 2-3 days. That means that by letting the packed face shields sit for 2-3 days before distributing them, you’ll greatly reduce risk of transmission
  • Do not store the entire stock in one place, minimize the risk of cross contamination

Assembly manual:
Note that assembly instructions are for the EU version, however, the US version is apart from the number of the pins the same.
English version
English Community version using a laminating foil
Czech version

Rubber band
You can either use a thicker one and make a hole in it at each end (make at least 10 mm cut) or use a thin one and tie it to both ends of the shield.

Visor / front plate

  • there is a DXF drawing in the Files section (and an alternative longer version)
  • the holes can be made with a standard office hole puncher
  • we used 0.5 mm thick petg sheet (Covestro VIVAK), but you should be able to use any clear laser cuttable plastic with similar thickness.

Top cover for the headband
A cover for the headband, which is useful for very high-risk environments as they provide even better protection.

Licence and selling of face shields
We share these files under non-commercial licence. It would be great if you donated these shields to those in need for free. If you need to cover your production costs, we are ok with you selling the shields for production cost. However, we do not want to see these shields on eBay for $50.

Print Instructions

Supports are not necessary.
Print with at least 3 perimeters, about 30% infill.

Ideally, print it from PETG.



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