Slice Engineering The Mosquito™ Hotend

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Slice Engineering The Mosquito™ Hotend

Superior Heat Break Performance

Eliminate Heat Creep and reduce jamming

Improve printing resolution

Improve capability with high temp materials

Lower retraction improves printing speed

Rigid Structure

One-handed Nozzle Change™ allows for the simplest nozzle change procedure of any hotend

A “roll cage” design protects the delicate heat break from crashes and other abuse

Copper Hot Block

Rated to 500 °C for even the most demanding tasks

Print every available filament, from basic PLAs to custom medical-grade PAEKs

Durable nickel-based coating reduces plastic buildup

Modular System

Designed like a Lego kit with interchangeable parts

Swap a few parts to upgrade to any of the other Mosquito™ hotends, including Magnum™ 

Ambidextrous design


Four different direct mounting options, numerous machined adapters, innumerable adapter possibilities to mount to any 3D printer

Ideal for multi extrusion setups - mount two extruders back-to-back with a separation distance as small as 15 mm

Precise, torque-resistant mounting interface


Low mass on the carriage for maximum X-Y acceleration


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