Taulman Bridge Nylon Filament 1.75mm Natural (1kg Spool)

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Taulman Bridge Nylon Filament 1.75mm Natural (1kg Spool)

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  • 1kg of 1.75mm Taulman Bridge printing filament, Made in the USA. The Supply Chain of taulman3D Products is Different Than Your Standard Filament Maker. Every Roll is Manufactured in the US. Affordable Nylon for 3D Printing. There Are Some Great Nylons Out There for 3D Printing But Many of Them Cost A Lot. Bridge Nylon is the Affordable taulman3D Nylon.
  • This filament is called Bridge because it brings the strength of Nylon 645 together with the price of ABS and PLA. 1.75mm Diameter Nylon 3D Printing Filament. Perfect For Those Prusa, CR-10, Flashforge, MakerGear, Monoprice and All Other 1.75mm 3D Printers.
  • This formulation has been specifically created and tested for use in 3D printing.
  • Optimal Extrusion Temperature: 235C. This Means That Most 3D Printers Capable of Printing More Than PLA Can Use Bridge Nylon Because It Extrudes at a Fairly Low Temperature.
  • Premium Resins and A Unique Manufacturing Method Allow Bridge Nylon to Offer Better Performance Than Many Other Nylons, With A Better Price.

1kg of 1.75mm Taulman Bridge printing filament. Nylon Bridge 3d printing filament combines the price of ABS and PLA filament with the durability of nylon, giving users extra strength parts for a very affordable price. It features a lab certified measure of tensile strength and strong adherence to the printing platform. Simply put, Bridge is an excellent material if you need something a bit stronger than ABS or PLA. This is a 1kg spool of taulman3D Bridge Nylon.

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